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MJ4All is celebrating 20 years of field work!


As a result of 20 years of field work, MJ4All has developed an innovating methodology for the legal empowerment of the excluded. 
To mark this occasion, MJ4All publishes its new Handbook, providing a practical guide to implement the methodology anywhere. 
We also will launch our new strategy, the "Global Legal Inclusion Program" to promote this fundamental work.



See our Legal Inclusion Program Brochure (ENGLISH | SPANISH)



Symposium on Global Legal Inclusion towards Sustainable Development Goal 16

7 November 2017, The Hague

Microjustice4All together with The Hague Municipality, will host a symposium on the Occasion of 20 years of Microjustice4All. The main objective is to form “The Hague Coalition for Sustainable Development Goal 16 (Peace and Justice)”. The Coalition has as aim the implementation of the Global Legal Inclusion Program (GLIP) which is built on two pillars: The Global Legal Inclusion Mapping (GLIM) and the Legal Empowerment Program (LEP). The Hague as the international capital of Justice & Peace would be the logical and right place to establish this multi-stakeholders Coalition for Global Goal 16.

Please confirm your attendance before 20 October here or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Workshop for Students
Responsible ICTs Innovations contributing to supporting the Global Legal Inclusion Program

Call for Researchers and Students

Microjustice4All has been implementing legal empowerment activities for 20 years and connecting people to the system of the country they live in. This is essential for their inclusion and legal protection.

The objective of this Call is to invite students to participate in the Global Legal Inclusion Mapping to show how legal empowerment work can provide an important contribution to the realization of Global Goal 16: “to legally empower the marginalized in view of their inclusion and peace while contributing to more transparent and effective institutions.”

We invite researchers and students to participate in a separate morning session and the Symposium on 7 November.

We are specifically looking for people who can contribute to the Pilots for Legal Inclusion Mapping that will take place in Kenya, a second country in East Africa, Bolivia or another country where they would like to work. information about the event More information can be found in the CALL FOR STUDENTS and please come join the symposium on November 7th, 2017.





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