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  • What Is Microjustice?

Microjustice (MJ) is justice on a micro-level, taking the person and their vulnerability as the points of departure. Microjustice entails providing a person with legal protection and access to the entitlements (services/benefits/utilities)...

  • The Microjustice4All Legal Empowerment Methodology

The Microjustice4All Legal Empowerment Methodology can be described as follows: (a) the provision of standardized legal services to (b) marginalized target groups (c) with a view to their social, economic and political inclusion in society in the country where they live...

  • Mission & Vision

The vision of Microjustice4All is a peaceful world where everyone lives in dignity, enjoying basic rights and being protected by a system of justice. More concretely, MJ4All envisages that people at the BoP and victims of conflict and disaster...

  • Where We Are

The main office of Microjustice4All (MJ4All) is in The Hague, The Netherlands. The main office provides support to Microjustice4All Programs. MJ4All has programs in 8 countries across Europe, Africa and Latin-America...

  • History

MJ4All was established in 1996 under the name of International Alliances, and began its work in the Former Yugoslavia. Its mission then was the legal rehabilitation of victims of conflict. The remit of MJ4All has since grown...

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  • Organization

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  • Microjustice Foundations - ANBI Information

'Stichting Microjustice4All', 'Stichting Friends of Microjustice' and 'Stichting Microjustice International Platform' are foundations governed by Dutch law, registered in the Netherlands...





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