The Microjustice4All Legal Empowerment Methodology

The Microjustice4All Legal Empowerment Methodology can be described as follows:


  (a) the provision of standardized legal services to (b) marginalized target groups (c) with a view to their social, economic and political inclusion in society in the country where they live,
(d) while undertaking bottom-up institutional reform and capacity-building to increase acccess to justice, and building bridges between the people and their government/administration,
(e) financed in a cost-efficient and sustainable way, which can be scaled-up.


‘Marginalized target groups’ refer to:

  1. Victims of conflict and disaster Victims of conflict and (natural or man-made) disaster are helped to access the rights, entitlements and benefits of the system and humanitarian aid. They are also helped to restore their pre-disaster legal situation (e.g. restoration of property and arranging civil paperwork).
  2. People at the bottom of the social/income pyramid, who do not enjoy the entitlements, opportunities and rights of the system in their country and who lack legal protection. Within this group there are two subgroups:

(i) The very poorest, who possess nothing. The focus is on civil documentation that gives them an existence in the system and access to entitlements.

(ii) People who are trying to escape the poverty cycle by engaging in economic activities, starting to possess a piece of land and tools etc. It is difficult to escape from poverty if one does not arrange legal protection of one’s possessions and business.


Microjustice4All has a mixed funding model, working both in the public domain and in the context of the private market, as explained in the section on The Market Context of Microjustice4All.


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