Mission and vision

The vision of Microjustice4All is a peaceful world where everyone lives in dignity, enjoying basic rights and being protected by a system of justice. More concretely, MJ4All envisages that people at the BoP and victims of conflict and disaster will be legally empowered worldwide by legal service provision according to the MJ4All Methodology. This vision will be achieved by developing Microjustice4All Programs in countries where there is a need to integrate marginalized groups into society, in co-operation with local stakeholders and partners.


Microjustice4All works on this vision by supporting the establishment and development of Microjustice4All Programs in humanitarian crises and development contexts, further developing the Microjustice4All Toolkit, facilitating exchange of experiences within the MJ4All International Network, designing a Legal Inclusion Index, and promoting the Microjustice4All Methodology internationally.


The mission of Microjustice4All is to legally empower people at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid and victims of conflict and disaster by providing legal services in accordance with the MJ4All Methodology.


Microjustice4All believes that the legal protection provided by having one’s paperwork in order is a prerequisite for peace and democracy and further development. Without civil documentation a person simply does not exist, and is extremely vulnerable. Without housing or land registration, there is no protection of investment (including the ones provided by development projects). Without the recognition of legal entities, a person or a group of people cannot maintain or defend their resources.


The vision and mission will be put into practice through new MJ4All Programs and MJ4All Country or Regional Organizations, that have entered into a MJ4All License Agreement.





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