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Supervisory board Patricia van Nispen Ronald Grimaldi1 Carmen Monterroso2 Maria Choque3 Estela Garcia4 Nathalie van Schagen5 Christine Mukangoboka6 Predrag Jergic7


Microjustice4All (MJ4All) Team

Patricia van Nispen set up the foundation in 1996 and has developed MJ4All ever since, leading the organization through its different phases: starting in the former Yugoslavia working on the post-war rehabilitation of refugees; and ever since 2007 Microjustice has served as an innovative way of international development cooperation in Latin America and since 2010 in Africa as well. Patricia van Nispen always wanted to do what she is doing now. That is why after her Masters in Law, she did her post-graduate studies in International Relations, and became inspired to focus in particular on the ‘human aspects’ of it. To her this is something that seemed to be lacking. A precondition for democracy and durable peace is that all people are protected and integrated in the system; thus instead of speaking of abstract concepts such as ‘States’, one has to look beyond this concept. The people living within that State need to be protected. In MJ4All she has found the perfect way to engage in this in a structural way. Prior to creating MJ4All, she worked with a commercial law firm in Amsterdam (Houthoff Buruma; 1990-94) and with the UN in Rwanda, Malawi and Croatia (1994-96).
Nathalie started working with Microjustice 4 All as Regional Representative - Africa in March 2016. She holds a master in sociology of non-western societies. She previously worked with various human rights NGOs based in the Netherlands and in Somalia and Burundi. Working with the Haki Mashinani team in Kenya and with Microjustice Rwanda is both a pleasure and an honour. Nathalie supports the team of HM and the organisation with building capacities with the vision to grow into a professional sustainable and independent social business. Also she works on perspectives to collaborate structurally with Rwanda and possibly starting a new Microjustice office in the Region. Being part of Microjustice4all provides many opportunities for the country offices as the methodology is already there. Also lessons learnt from one country office can easily be used in other country offices, which are beneficial to Kenya, being the youngest office of the Microjustice 4 All network.
Diane Uwimbabazi is Responsible for Microjustice Rwanda.
Ronald Grimaldi Chura Carlos, an ICT engineer, has worked with Microjusticia Peru (MJP) since its creation in September 2008, as part of an excellent interdisciplinary team that has been able to boost Microjustice in Peru in the regions of Puno, Cusco and Lima. He is responsible for all management, development, research and support related to ICT. He feels glad to be able to use his professional skills to contribute to the work of an organization that helps the most vulnerable people to become legally empowered.


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