Alvaro Hernando de Domingo - Director
Patricia van Nispen tot Sevenaer – Legal Empowerment Advisor
Bernard Taverne – Organization Management Lead
Maren Veeckman - Legal Empowerment Expert/ Program Director Kenya
Ronald Grimaldi Chura Carlos - Development and management of ICT

Our team in Bolivia

Maria de Rosario Choque Ajata – Director of Microjusticia Bolivia
Maria Choque Ajata has been the Director of the Foundation Microjusticia Bolivia since 2010.
In 2007 she was a member of the team that founded the first Microjustice program in the world. This experience changed her life completely: working for an organization dedicated at giving legal assistance to the most vulnerable part of the population gave her the opportunity to be a part of positive change.
Today, she still finds much satisfaction in her work to promote changes in the Bolivian legal system and she plans to keep working for this objective for a long time. She considers herself a transparent person with stable principles and a deep respect for other people. She is convinced that any change in society starts with one-self.
Miriam Colque – Legal Researcher
Jaqueline Quispe – Legal Researcher

Our team in Kenya

Legal Resources Foundation - Kenya partner
Graham Amakanji - Social Science Researcher

Our team in Serbia/Croatia

Predrag Jergić – Local Coordinator

Predrag Jergić was born in Vukovar Croatia, and has a double citizenship: Croatian and Serbian. He joined MJ4All (when it was stilled called: International Alliances) in 2000 as facilitator in the field, working with the refugees in Serbia, providing legal and psychological assistance. In 2005 he returned to Vukovar to work as office manager on the cross-border program obtaining documents for refugees-helping directly thousands people. Since 2010 he is the head of program. This job makes him happy because it allows him to correct injustices that people have experienced due to the senseless war. His free time he spends in music - as leader of a small "tambura" orchestra.

Terezija Kovačević – Office Manager