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In anticipation of current changes in international development cooperation, Microjustice4All (MJ4All) is shifting from the realization of our goals through donor-funded programs to impact-oriented partnerships with the public and private sector. Thereby, we focus on creating a self-sustainable network of MJ4All organizations.


MJ4All may be an interesting partner to cooperate with when you and your organization, or the organization you work for, want to invest in a positive social impact. Our innovative legal services are an important precondition for sustainable development and, could therefore, play a crucial note in any development program. By cooperating, we can expand that positive impact and create more just societies with protection and opportunities for all.


We are ready to further expand globally by engaging in partnerships. Our strategy to roll out the MJ4All Methodology over the world is by partnering with the public and private sector, international law organization as well as civil society.


These partnerships can have multiple forms, such as:


  • financial contributions
  • cooperate by implementing the Microjustice services on locations where you as partner want to achieve a positive social impact
  • sharing (legal) know-how
  • support in order to advocate our mission and to put it on the international development cooperation agenda

By working through independent MJ4All Country Organizations in cooperation with partners, MJ4All may remain an efficient and focused organization that can swiftly develop its strategies, method and tools around the needs and circumstances encountered in the countries of operation.


Seize the opportunity and become a partner of MJ4All. If you are interested in knowing more about the opportunities to support and participate, please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






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