The Global Legal Inclusion Program


MJ4All has been implementing legal empowerment activities for 20 years, connecting people to the system of the country they live in, essential to their inclusion. Despite the primordial importance, it has appeared to be difficult to sell legal empowerment programs to the donors, and therefore to the development & humanitarian sector. We hope to break this stalemate with the Global Legal Inclusion Program (GLIP).


The GLIP is built on two pillars on two pillars in view of implementing UN Global Goal for Sustainable Development 16: the Global Legal Inclusion Mapping (GLIM) and the Legal Empowerment Program (LEP). Our new strategy is to identify globally where and for whom legal empowerment interventions are needed, for which groups and in relation to which rights. This will allow governments and donors to develop policies addressing these legal needs, and humanitarian and development organizations to integrate MJ4All activities in their core interventions in the field.



  • Global Legal Inclusion Mapping (GLIM)

  • Legal Empowerment Program

  • Coalition for the Global Legal Inclusion Program





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