Legal Inclusion Mapping


The Mapping is an interactive and scalable analysis, taking place in an applied research environment: per country identifying “excluded” communities vis-à-vis their legal needs in relation to their exclusion. It also takes into account the legal framework related to those rights, the accessibility in practice and what is needed to secure legal inclusion of all. The results of the mapping of the excluded groups in a country allow for the formulation of institutional solutions and legal empowerment action plans.


The Mapping concerns applied research within a country:


  1. Identifying the excluded communities;
  2. Their legal needs in relationship to their exclusion;
  3. The legal-institutional framework related to those rights,
  4. The accessibility in practice and the obstacles, including accessibility of legal services
  5. What is needed to include these people (recommendations), leading to the Legal Inclusion Action Plan


First, the Mapping will take place in 2018 in 7 countries in a pilot phase. This mapping should not only lead to focused targeted programs, but should provide substantiated recommendations for new indicators in 2019 to be integrated in UN Agenda 2030.








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