Microjustice4All: A cross-cutting approach

GG 16 is a cross-cutting goal in the sense that it is a precondition for the achievement of the other GGs. Similarly, the MJ4All Methodology is a cross-cutting approach to implementing Microjustice and GG 16 and MJ4All legal services are a precondition for further development and have great impact on a wide range issues:


  • Without social, economic and political inclusion in society and without legal protection, it is not possible to achieve peaceful and democratic societies.
  • Without correct property registration, business registration, recognition of legal personality of associations and written contracts, it is not possible to have a stable economy[1]
  • Without legal protection and rehabilitation, it is not possible to prevent conflict nor to achieve sustainable development.


MJ4All Legal Services are just a very small part of any development or peacebuilding activities, but if that small part is not taken care of, the core activity will never succeed in obtaining its objectives in the long term. The costs of MJ4All Legal Services are small in relation to their impact and the increased sustainability of the development and peacebuilding activities. That is why MJ4All is helping bigger humanitarian and development organizations and social enterprises to integrate MJ4All Programs within their activities.





[1] See Hernando de Soto, The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else, (Basic Books, 2003).





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