Global goal 16 for sustainable development

In September 2015, the UN launched a universal and transformative post-2015 millennium goals agenda for sustainable development, underpinned by rights, with people and the planet at the center. The outcome of the project was the seventeen Global Goals for Sustainable Development (GGs), arranged according to the following six themes:


  1. Dignity: to end poverty and to fight inequalities;
  2. People: to ensure healthy lives, knowledge and the inclusion of women and children;
  3. Prosperity: to grow a strong, inclusive and transformative economy;
  4. Planet: to protect our ecosystems for all societies and our children;
  5. Justice: to promote safe and peaceful societies and strong institutions;
  6. Partnership: to catalyze global solidarity for sustainable development.



GG 16 for Sustainable Development is:


To promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. 


This is similar to the objective of Microjustice4All. Implementation of the Microjustice4All Methodology across the world will help change GG 16 from an aspiration into a reality. In light of this, Microjustice4All is preparing  a Legal Inclusion Index within the context of GG 16. 




GG16 logically links to GG 17: 


To strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development, for which multi-stakeholder partnerships are promoted to be set up around each of the GGs.


MJ4All offers a method for a rights-based approach, enabling sustainable development as described in the GGs. Peaceful and inclusive societies can only be achieved if excluded populations are identified and provided with the legal documentation necessary to make them part of society and give them legal protection.  MJ4All also helps to make institutions more inclusive through evidence-based lobbying and assisting in legal capacity building.


MJ4All focuses on GG 16 but is relevant to any of the GGs since GG 16 is itself a cross-cutting theme. Inclusion of people into peaceful societies, access to justice and transparent, accessible institutions are vital for any form of development.





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