Legal Inclusion Action Plan

The Legal Inclusion Mapping per country has as ultimate objective the formulation of, fundraising for, and implementation of country legal inclusion action plan, consisting of:


  1. Legal Empowerment Program for helping specific marginalized groups overcome barriers that they face in the process of legal empowerment;
  2. Recommendations regarding institutional capacity building for making the legal and administrative system of a country more effective, accountable and inclusive for all its inhabitants.


The Action Plan, being the outcome of the Mapping, will offer leverage to put the encountered inclusion issues on the international agenda through the policy basis that SDG 16 offers. This will allow for funding schemes and buy-in, allowing for implementation of the Action Plans for the various countries.


While doing the Mapping, the SDG 16 Partnership for Legal Inclusion is ever growing with all the contacts that are established on the field in the countries of Mapping. These organizations, people, and institutions will be involved in implementing the Action Plan.




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