Legal Inclusion Program towards Global Goal for Sustainable Development 16


Global Goal for Sustainable Development 16 (SDG 16) provides an international policy framework to work globally on legal inclusion of the marginalized groups within their countries. Microjustice4All Legal Inclusion Program towards SDG 16 as a framework for a Global Partnership to implement the legal inclusion aspect of SDG 16.


The Program consists of three parts:


  1. Legal Inclusion Mapping/Measuring to define for different marginalized groups per country with transparent indicators to what degree people are legally included and what legal inclusion work is needed for the realization of SDG 16, providing recommendations for international development policies and funding schemes;
  2. Legal Inclusion Action Plan that will translate the recommendations of the mapping into an Activity Plan for the country, consisting of a) institutional capacity building, and b) legal empowerment activities to connect the marginalized groups in a country to the system, guaranteeing their legal protection.
  3. Proposing new indicators to SDG 16 of the UN Agenda 2030 & Follow-up their implementation.


The objectives of this endeavor are:


  1. To make legal exclusion tangible and actionable, making clear what issues need to be addressed for inclusion into society of the excluded, marginalized groups
  2. To define and implement Action Plans per country for legal inclusion of the excluded, marginalized groups, providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions
  3. Through the new legal inclusion indicators to get legal inclusion activities on the sustainable development agenda and included in the international cooperation policies and funding schemes


This approach will develop the legal-administrative system of a country on the basis of the needs of different marginalized groups people, increasing legal security as a whole, of which also larger scale and international business will profit, enhancing sustainable development.



The “Value Added” of the Program:


  1. People’s focus; the excluded people are the point of departure for mapping the legal system and institutional framework of a country, connected to concrete practical recommendations and Programs on how to enhance their legal inclusion.
  2. Technical legal approach: ‘big injustice’ is cut into bite-sized pieces that can be solved. The low-hanging fruit are tackled first, solving the simple legal obstacles before embarking on the more complex ones.






  • Legal Inclusion Program

  • Definition Legal Inclusion

  • Legal Inclusion Mapping

  • Legal Inclusion Action Plan

  • Legal Inclusion Indicators for SDG 16

  • SDG 16 Partnership for Legal Inclusion

  • International Policy Context

  • Global Goal for Sustainable Development 16

  • Legal Empowerment of the Poor

  • Responsibility to Protect

  • The Market Context of Microjustice4All: Justice for those at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP)

  • Microjustice4All: A Cross-Cutting Approach





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