MJ4All country organizations

Microjustice4All (MJ4All) Country Organizations are the core of the MJ4All Methodology. They are local organizations with local knowledge and expertise. The bottom-up approach of MJ4All can only rely on such local organizations, that can adapt to the context of the country. MJ4All Country Organizations are set up to the initiative of local people, in cooperation with MJ4All Headquarters.


In order to become a participant in the MJ4All International Network, MJ4All Country Organizations must undertake to adhere to the vision, mission and objective of MJ4All and to follow the MJ4All Methodology. Furthermore, the participant must agree to be bound by the standards of quality established and controlled by MJ4All.



Main office of Microjustice4All in The Hague MJ_Serbia_Croatia Microjustice Perú Microjustice Bolivia Microjustice Argentina Microjustice Rwanda Microjustice Kenya


Please find more information about our MJ4All Country Organizations below:


  • Microjusticia Bolivia

  • Microjusticia Peru

  • Microjusticia Argentina

  • Microjusticia Rwanda

  • Microjusticia Western Balkans





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