Microjusticia Argentina

Microjusticia Argentina

Microjusticia Argentina (MJA), founded in 2010, is composed of a team of young lawyers and students committed to helping those that lack opportunity and live in vulnerability due to lack of access to basic legal rights. We know that obtaining full legal rights takes time, but understand that it is the only way to overcome structural poverty and achieve autonomy.


We work with volunteers in the city and Province of Buenos Aires to provide basic legal support in marginalized communities. A main strength of MJA is its capacity to mobilize young enthusiastic people and law students to participate in the institution as volunteers.


MJA focuses on several areas of action including:


  • individual identity (registration of birth, obtaining ID, rectification of personal data and other processes that serve the formal integration of people in society);
  • children´s rights (helping children access rights to adequate food, education and identity;
  • health and rights (disability certificates, pensions, decent work and health benefits for persons with health problems or disabilities);
  • immigration (regularization of the living situation of immigrants, through a formal collaboration agreement with National Immigration Authority); and
  • labor and taxes (regularizing their tax status and labor situation of people.)


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