Legal empowerment of women in Rwanda

Donor: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Partners: Microjustice Rwanda (MJR)

Location: Project base: The Netherlands; Field location: Rwanda


Goals of the Project

General objective (impact)

Poverty alleviation and social justice: Social justice for and inclusive and sustainable socio-economic development and integration of the poor and vulnerable most, notably women, is made a reality.

Specific objectives (outcome)

1) Sustainable Microjustice4All (MJ4All) legal service infrastructure is set up that contributes to increased access to justice for women and a stronger civil society in Rwanda’s justice sector

2) Marginalised and vulnerable people, most notably women, in Rwanda (mainly rural areas) have increased access to justice

Project Plan

  • Project design (month 1);
  • Recruitment and training (month 1) of additional and current staff for the project;
  • Design capacity building program (month 1);
  • Establish partnerships (month 1-3, after which a continuous activity);
  • Develop legal products with a focus on women (month 2-5, after which continuous updating as required by changes in legal framework);
  • Design awareness-raising campaign (month 2-5);
  • Development and use of Case Management System (month 4-6, after which a continuous activity);
  • Implement capacity-building program (throughout whole project);
  • Open additional field outlets and strengthen distribution channels (starting after first 5/6 months of project implementation);
  • Legal service provision (immediate with continued provision of current projects. New products starting after first 5/6 months of project);
  • Implement awareness-raising campaign (starting after first 5/6 months and continuous throughout project);
  • Data collection and evidence-based reports (starting after first 6 months and runs simultaneously with legal service provision);
  • Evaluation (December 2016)

Expected Project Outputs

  • MJRs team’s capacity has been developed in order for it to continue to function as an independent national NGO, its presence has been established in the urban and rural Northern Province and in Kigali, lessons learned have been generated to roll-out the programme to other areas in the Rwanda to work towards self-sufficiency in 2017;
  • New legal products have been developed (primarily for women) based on research and by using the MJ4All Toolkit;
  • Marginalised people (especially women) in rural areas in Rwanda have increased their level of knowledge about basic legal rights and procedures related to family law, business, and birth registration;
  • Marginalised people (especially women) in rural areas in Rwanda receive legal services and legal solutions (eg. legal documents) to their legal problems through an innovative and efficient system of distribution; Obstacles to access to justice have been identified by MJR (including perceptions of people who use the justice system) and recommendations for improvement have been formulated and shared with civil society and the government in order to work towards increased accessibility of the justice system.






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