Strengthening democratic participation in Bolivia and Peru


Donor: UNDEF

Implementing Agency:   Microjusticia Perú (MJP)

Implementing Partner(s):   Microjustice4All (MJ4All)

Duration: 24 months

Overall project development goal: To promote social-economic and political inclusion among the population of the Huancané province in Puno.

Project objectives: To legally and politically empower indigenous/peasant communities to protect and exercise their civil, indigenous and environmental rights.



Specific Goals of the Project

The goal of the project is to continue the provision of legal civil documentation, property registration and other legal personalities (women rights, formalization of businesses) through legal awareness campaigns, legal consults and case solutions. MJP will employ a gender based rights approach in implementing the project.

In order to attain the stated objectives, MJP will undertake the following activities

(1) Conducting a basic legal needs assessment

(2) Developing efficient and cost-effective legal services with standardized procedures, forms and handbooks;

(3) Distributing and carrying out case solutions through a wide social service distribution network including microfinance institutions, churches and other community-based organizations;

(4) Enhancing institutional reform by working with government institutions to promote implementation and advocate for a better system (evidence-based lobbying).


Expected Project outcomes

Outcome 1: increased access to basic services, social programs and democratic spaces through awareness campaigns and having basic legal documents.

Through legal awareness campaigns, consults and case solutions, MJP will provide x legal civil documentations, x property registration, land rights and other legal personalities to the communities in Huancané, including children, women, elders and disabled population. Moreover, MJP will conduct trainings for x number of people through replication and a further x number of leaders will be trained through modules. As a result of this, MJP will ensure increased social inclusion, political participation and access to much needed social programs.


Outcome 2: Creation of association networks to conduct better lobbying activities and interest representation

After the evaluation of the first project, there was the realization/suggestions by the communities of the need to create wider networks consisting of diverse associations or communities at regional level. This will enable them to strongly advocate with the District municipalities and the regional government for social and economic benefits (e.g. access to markets, access to technical support for SMEs, access to the governmental benefits of the disabled population, women, etc.). Building on the first project in which MJP has created or regularized 150 legal personalities, the objective of this second UNDEF financed project will be to provide 75 legal personalities to associations and peasant communities for the creation of networks and modification of their statutes to protect their land and environmental resources. Without the creation of networks, the most vulnerable population of Huancané would have no power or voice to be listened to by the governmental institutions


Outcome 3: Strengthening indigenous communities’ legal personalities to better defend indigenous peasant communal land and water rights

With the infrastructure created in the first project, the objective of this second project will be to give the communities the possibility or tools to defend their environmental and ancestral land rights through their legal personalities which allows them to participate in consultations and hearings pertaining to projects like mining. This will prevent social and military conflicts as witnessed in the past around the mine Tia Maria in Arequipa. MJP aims to modify the legal status of peasant indigenous communities and train them on new topics such as lobbying, advocacy etc.



Project plans

  1. Preparation of materials and resources
  2. Recruiting and training (16) rural paralegals/facilitators
  3. Organizing (150) legal information and awareness campaigns
  4. Developing/improving MJP legal services
  5. Attending (14,000) consults in basic legal documents (civil documentation, legal personality, property rights, accessing social programs) and solving (1,000) cases
  6. Conducting lobbying and sensitization activities with governmental institutions
  7. Preparing and organizing workshops for 400 leaders on 1) governance/ democratic participation; 2) legal and democratic empowerment of women; 3) rights over communal natural resources; 4) Disabled population rights
  8. Preparing/conducting an impact assessment and documentary.





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