Impact reports

Impact Study in Bolivia and Peru


In February and March 2015, a study was conducted by an independent consultant in order to measure the impact of Microjustice4All (MJ4All) Services in Peru and Bolivia. The study demonstrated that legal empowerment provided by MJ4All Country Organizations has the potential to significantly improve people’s lives. Having valid legal documents of various types has enabled:


  • an expansion of fundamental political freedoms such as the right to participate in decision-making forums and effectively advocate for public support;
  • an expansion of economic freedoms such as the right to sell, rent, and mortgage property and access welfare payments; and
  • an expansion of social freedoms such as the right to education and healthcare.


While these impacts vary depending on both the client demographic and the case type, this initial research shines light on the positive changes that many people have experienced due to MJ4All Services.


For the full impact report by researcher Kim Ouilette, please click here


Impact Study in Bolivia by the University of Sussex

In the period September-December 2015, researcher Sonja Fagernas from the University of Sussex has conducted a pilot study on the impact of MJ4All Services in Bolivia. This study will lead to a much more in-depth study on the impact in Peru and Bolivia in 2016.

Please find attached the Impact Report.





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