Legal Empowerment Methodology

MJ4All focuses on non-litigious private and administrative legal matters. MJ4All offers practical, legal solutions which often takes the form of a legal document, in the issues identified as well by the Commission for the Legal Empowerment of the Poor in 2008 report:


  • Civil documents: birth certificates and other documents relating to personal identity;
  • Documents relating to property and housing: property registration, property transfer;
  • Documents and issues relating to income-generating activities: setting up businesses, co-operatives and other legal entities;
  • Documents and issues relating to family law and inheritance matters; and
  • Documents and issues relevant to the specific geographic context, for example, post-conflict, natural disasters, refugee crises and environmental issues



The Limbs of the MJ4All Concept in Practice



  1. The provision of standardized legal services
  2. To marginalized target groups (Read more)
  3. With a view to their social, economic and political inclusion (Read more)
  4. While undertaking bottom-up institutional capacity-building, and building a bridge between the people and their government (Read more)
  5. Financed in a cost-efficient and sustainable way which can be scaled up (Read more)


The Microjustice4All Legal Empowerment Methodology is the mechanism for implementing these limbs in practice.








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